About Money Group

Money Group is a well-established South African holding company,

offering conventional and innovative financial products and services,

locally and internationality.

Money Group

Each Money group company services a different target market with appropriate products suited to meet their needs. Grouping the companies offers advantages of being exposed to the different markets suited to each brand and the opportunity to cross promote between them.


Money Group through its Group companies offers a full range of short term financial solutions through its constituent companies, ranging from micro collateral lending to individuals to asset-based lending to listed companies. The spectrum of companies and the products they offer are designed to offer financing products to customers of all sizes with varying circumstances and requirements, tailor made to their needs where required.

Money Group Vision

To offer the best conventional, innovative financial

 products and services, locally and internationally.

Money Group Mission

Money Group aims to expand the footprint of its retail based companies to reach more people where they live and work offering the full range of financing services.

Money Group Values


Our ever evolving processes translate into value and good service for our customers.



We lead by example and all our daily interactions internally and externally are executed with honesty and truthfulness.



We are constantly expanding and creating relationships with mutually beneficial partners in order to deliver lasting value and impact the lives of our customers positively.



We are in the business of advancing and evolving our products and services for the benefit of our Customer’s.



We are committed to knowing our Customers and learning their needs in order to fulfill their expectations.



We have the know-how and understanding of the industry and use our 20 year+ experience to provide our clients with seamless products and services.


Money Group Supports BEE Partnerships

and tender financing support as well as establishing branches of the retail arms in areas that were previously overlooked for these services.

Money Group Clients

The Money Group caters for all markets by being accessible to everyone from the “man on the street” to the “man in the office” and to small medium, large and corporate businesses. The customers are serviced appropriately through the retail based companies or in private and executive financing offices. The company encompasses short term financing options ranging from micro collateral loans to financing multi million rand deals, to foreign exchange and money transfer services.


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Money Group is a well-established South African holding company, offering conventional and innovative financial products and services, locally and internationally.


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Johannesburg, South Africa

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